Southgate Mall 

We are conveniently located inside the Mall.

Combine a shopping trip with the dental visit.

Southgate Dental Centre has been run by

Dr Shouket Waja and Associates for the past 18 years.

There are four qualified and very competent dentists to choose from(male and female),

Which means quicker appointments and less time spent waiting.

See us for quality dental advice,treatment and care, offered with quality service.

Dr. SA Waja
Dr. R Moolla
Dr. M Min
Dr. TD Pillay

Telephone: (011)942 -4432                                                                                          (011) 942 - 1181                                                                                        ( 011) 942 - 2039

Fax: (011) 942 - 2052

Business hours:

Monday-friday 8.30-17:00 


We attend to all emergencies