Waja Ka Meno " Eat with TEETH "


Dental Care For Mentally Challenged

Aims & Objectives 

- To enhance the oral health status of  differently enabled people, orphans & destitute children.

- To enhance the awareness of the plight   differently enabled people.

- To enhance  social developement, intergration & life experiences of  differently enabled people.

- To educate differently enabled people on the importance, relevance & system of good oral care.

- To empower by the continuous & systematic provision of oral care products (toothbrushes, toothpaste & floss)

- To entertain with the purpose of enhancing their oral care knowledge & providing them with the joy & happiness.

- To do Yearly oral Screening & treatment programs for the people on the program.

- To provide dental treatment in our & extended dental practices.

- To provide dental treatment under general anaesthetic in theatre facilities.

- To provide access to specialized care such as maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, ophthalmology and plastic surgery.

- To provide educational assistance via yearly stationery supplies & enhancement of infrastructure & transport systems.

- To enhance their life experiences by enabling fun food & ice creams at our and other school events.

- To enhance their life experiences by enabling exposure to animal farms, circuses etc.

- To improve differently enable peoples social skills, confidence & self-esteem by their participation in plays & life performances.

- To contribute via associations with other charitable organizations like Infaq Education & Charitable Transit, Food for the Soul & Children’s Hospital Trust.

- To create special moments by giving of our undivided time, love & affection.

Trust Profile

Registration Number TT 021 016/2014


Dental Health Day

Jiswa School is a school for the mentally & physically challenged, Waja Ka Meno is the trust that Dr Waja founded solely for the benefit of these children.

Every year, for the last 23 years Dr Waja & his Team of dedicated staff, family & friends, amuse, entertain & educate the staff & pupils of the Jiswa School about Dental Health.  For his effort in this regard, Dr Waja was awarded the 702 LEAD SA HERO award & the work of the Trust and even appeared on TV several times.  WAJA KA MENO and Dr Waja treat challenge children as his practice on a Bi-Week basis, and any specialized treatment or theatre work is sponsored by Trust. The Trust also incorporates sponsoring an additional specialties the children may require (ophthalmologists etc.)

Entertainment, food, laughter, dancing, singing, plays & much more is the order of the day. In order to make the day a success, the WAJA KA MENO Trust relies on the generosity of Donors. We have donors who provide snacks, ice creams. Tooth brushes & toothpaste, prozes, stationery, and anything exciting to fill these kids goodies bags. 

With each new year. The annual Dental Health Day continues to grow in numbers, as more schools are involved. 

The WAJA KA MENO needs you to help us make the day PHENOMENAL.

For Further information contact : 011 942 1132 / 2039 / 1181


  • Dr Shouket Waja 
  • Mrs Neera Bhana
  • Dr Yusuf Bhamjee
  • Mr Ashraf Mohammed
  • Mr Marc Perotti
  • Mr Yusuf Areff

School on Programs

  • Jiswa School (Lenasia)
  • Don Mattera School (Eldorado Park)
  • Adelaide Tambo School

Trust Awards

  • Lead SA Award
  • Gauteng Department of Education :                            Service Excellence Award

Management Administration

  •  Mr Thanbang Retifane
  • Dr Shouket Ali Waja
  • Ms Bibi Ayesha Areff

Registration Status NPO

Banking Details

Account Name : Waja Ka Meno Trust

Bank: Nedbank

Account Number : 113 791 0895

Branch Code : 193 305

Account Type : Current

Contact Person :

  •   Mr Thanbang Retifane
  •   Dr Shouket Ali Waja

Tel : 011 942 2039 / 1132  Cell : 082 3377 5420

Address : Shop 263 Southgate Mall, Mondeor, 2093